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[6.11.2020] - New weapons and item reworks

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Posted 06 November 2020 - 04:54

New top-end two-handed weapons have been added to the game: Mythos Greatsword for warriors, Emerald Staff for mages and Greatsword of Atlantis for gladiators. On the next day, it will appear in the game drop, when the majority of players will have an updated game client, and the library will also be updated, where you can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of new items.

Knights now can transform their Exc. Sword of Archangel into Exc. Divine Sword of Archangel. Chaos Machine Mix: Exc. Sword of Archangel + 2x Jewel of Soul x30 + 2x Jewel of Creation x30 + Jewel of Chaos. Crafting cost 1.5 kkk Zen, the chance of success 100%. When mixing, all options and upgrades of an item are fully preserved, including Harmony and PvP. According to its characteristics, Exc. Divine Sword of Archangel just falls short of Bone Blade. The entire line of Archangel weapons has additional options: Increase Damage to Phonomans + 30% and Increase Damage in Blood Castle + 15%.

Elves now can transform their Exc. Chaos Nature Bow into Exc. Wild Nature Bow. Chaos Machine Mix: Exc. Chaos Nature Bow + Jewel of Creation x30 + Wild Ring of Magic + Jewel Chaos. Crafting cost 250 kk Zen, 100% chance of success. When mixing, all options and upgrades of an item are fully preserved. The new bow slightly outperforms the Celestial Bow in its basic characteristics. The entire Chaos Weapons line has additional options that have been improved: Increase Damage to Monsters + 20% and Increase Critical Damage Rate + 20%.

Dragonbone Blade mix has been changed, now the initial sword should be upgraded to+15, and when mixing, there is a 50% chance that the resulting sword will lose from 1 to 3 upgrade levels. And sword itself can now be equipped by Magic Gladiator.

Novice magicians now can craft on the website from 3x Exc. Skull Staff > 1x Skeleton Staff. It is slightly stronger than the Staff of Resurrection.

New crafting recipe on the website to create a universal shield for all classes: 3x Exc. Skull Shield > 1x Skeleton Shield. In terms of grade, it is equal to the Dragon shield, but in Defense, it surpasses even some top shields.

Added two new daggers: Cursed Dagger and Rune Dagger. The existing Crystal Dagger has changed its appearance. Reduced stat requirements for all daggers, now they are better suited for EE and new characters. The approximate ratio of requirements for STR, AGI, ENE is now 1 to 2 to 4.

Revised the requirements for top weapons for all classes. One-handed swords for warriors and gladiators now require a large amount of STR and AGI in a ratio of 2 to 1. Two-handed swords now only require STR and at lower values. Energy requirements for the MG sword have been reduced. One-handed staffs for mages now require STR, AGI, and a large amount of Energy. Two-handed staffs only require STR and ENE and in smaller quantities. In general, two-handed weapons have higher damage and grade, but at the same time lower stat requirements.

Scepters now require STR, ENE, and COM at 4: 2: 1 ratio. Improved damage and grade of Crossbow of Archangel. Improved options on Ring of Magic and Pendant Ability, now they give 5 times more Mana and AG.

The function of auto-renewal and automatic price reduction after lot expiration has been added to the market. By enabling this feature, your lot will be automatically renewed every week, and the price will be reduced by 20%, thereby the item will remain on the market for much longer. The price can be reduced up to 10 times, or until it reaches the minimum value, after which the lot will be closed. This should go a long way towards selling items that don't want to sell.

Endless Tower rewards will now unlock gradually, you will not be able to buy Flame of Condor until you have purchased all the other rewards at least once. Flame of Condor cost increased to 64,000 and Violet Mistery Box to 1,500.

Chaos Castle ticket price increased from 10 kk to 50 kk.

Red Dragons when invading can now spawn anywhere on the map, not just in a specific area.

The elf attached to the Crywolf altar now receives a 99% reduction tp incoming damage from players (up from 90%).

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